TM GLOBAL TV Refund Policy

Please read the following carefully, then send us a refund request by emailing us in the contacts form.

Requests for Refund must be clear and acceptable:

√ Before you buy, be sure to request a trial account. We have set up a trial account so that you can test to see if it works on your device. If it’s not working properly you won’t be credited.

√ If your internet speed is slow, you will not be able to use our service to its full potential. We advise you to check beforehand as you may not receive a refund due to your neglect. Please email us for further dialog.

√ Please see and learn the necessary tutorials on setting up TMGLOBALTV APP

√ If you made a mistake in choosing the service and completed the payment, please contact support immediately. After 3 days there won’t be a refund.

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